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Enrolling for Human Resource Management exposes you to the four main areas of Human Resources, namely, the provision of manpower, maintenance and utilisation of staff and staff development. The course also offers you the opportunity to do an in-depth study into labour relations.

What will sets you apart?
  • N4
  • Personnel Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  • Management Communication
  • Computer Practice
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  • N5
  • Personnel Management N5
  • Personnel Training N5
  • Labour Relations N5
  • Computer Practice N5 OR Economics N4
  • N6
  • Personnel Management N6
  • Personnel Training N6
  • Labour Relations N6
  • Computer Practice N6 OR Economics N5 OR Entrepreneurship N5
Admission and other requirements
  • Minimum Grade 12
  • Computer & Internet is required

College offering this course

You will learn online and only go to campus for enrolment and examination.

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Fess and payment

  • Administrative Fee
  • R200
  • Full Course
  • Deposit:R1.500Total:R6.500
  • Monthly x 5: R1000
  • You will receive the outcome of your application in less than 48 hours!
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