How can my company benefit from The Student Hub?

The Student Hub’s success is highly dependent on the partnership we form with companies, large and small. We partner with companies in one of the following ways:


Curriculum Partnership:

Through our curriculum partnership, we co-develop training programmes with companies in various fields and across multiple industries. The training programmes are customised to our curriculum partners’ needs and deployed across all our training partners.

This essentially means that individuals who study through our training partners will be trained on the skills required by our curriculum partners. This contributes to nurturing a uniquely qualified talent pipeline and encourages product and offering usage. Our curriculum partners’ benefits include:

  • A platform to showcase subject matter expertise, build visibility, and enhance thought leadership in their industry.
  • Develop a talent pipeline for their various skills requirement across the country.
  • Access an advanced Job Portal where they can access trained individuals using more than 10,000 datapoints.
  • For students, this represents an unrivalled opportunity to learn the most-cutting edge skills from the brands leading in innovation and their future employers.

There is no cost to become a curriculum partner. Contact us today to become one


Corporate Training:

Our programmes are tailored to the skills needs of companies and our learning methodology has emerged as THE way to learn the skills required by employers, so it is becoming increasingly common for businesses of all size to want to train/upskill/reskill their own internal teams using our platform. All the benefits of our programmes available on our Corporate Training page.

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Talent Sourcing:

Our programme graduates emerge uniquely qualified to fill critical roles as they receive tailored training developed with companies. Our career services is ever growing and we are increasingly able to present businesses with a consistent source of high quality talent.

Through our platform TSH 360, we can immediately match candidates and employers using our advanced algorithm that analyses job descriptions, KPI and compares them to students’ verified skills.

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