Payment & Financing

We strive to support every learner with the most suitable financing option to further their studies.

  • Option 1:

    Extended Payment

    Small monthly payment based on your or your sponsor’s disposable income.Extended repayments ranges from 18 to 42 months
  • Option 2:

    Student loan,Bursary or Grant

    We work with the private and public sector to ensure that students who cannot afford to finance their studies are given the option to finance their studies through bursaries,loan or grants
  • Option 3:


    When and where applicable,our team works with a network of national and international donors to raise funds for academically deserving missing-middle students and ensure they are given a chance to study.

Financing Request

To review your request,We require the following documents:
*3 months Bank statement or Payslip of the person responsible to pay.Email the document to Use your ID or Passport Number as the mail subject