The Student Hub introduces a new learning experience.

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The Student Hub’s innovative, zero-rated learning platform, ERAOnline, has just gotten a much-anticipated makeover, and the response from users has been overwhelmingly positive – with students saying that they love the new look!

The ed-tech company is a purpose-led institution that is always innovating and finding new ways to make online teaching and learning better for the lecturer and student; to make it more accessible not just by the fact that it is zero-rated, but by how user-friendly the platform is. 

The Student Hub’s  User Experience and development team came together to heed the feedback of the system’s long-time users, lecturers, and students alike, and did a full revamp of the learning platform’s look and feel – and more importantly, its functionality! 

So, what’s new? 

So much! We have made navigating the platform more intuitive, with technical, administrative and academic assistance now available 24/7. Students can now register online through the platform and participate in academic discussions on the interactive newsfeed while also now getting rewarded for completing their course material. 

As mentioned above, users can now easily navigate the platform. The new, intuitive, User Interface removes all guesswork and confusion. Everything that is important to access is at the forefront. 

Students and lecturers can log into the system and find their inbox and chats, announcements and notifications, assignments and modules right there, front and centre. 

For lecturers, loading content is a breeze – educators can set tests, essay questions and assignments straight onto the portal. 

The system records the students progress and offers lecturers accurate reports to enable constructive feedback and personalised tutoring and teaching. 

Online, together

All of the new features are integrated into an interactive newsfeed. That means, much like on social media, students and lecturers can interact publicly, in real-time by sharing links, statuses, study notes and more – and they can react to and even share each other’s posts!

The newsfeed brings the online community a little closer together- ensuring that distance learning students get the full college experience, including the support system, all on their devices – from anywhere. The new system prompts students with suggestions on how to navigate the system effectively, and how to consume the content in the most beneficial way – and making as few mistakes as possible. 

Even more exciting, the students can see all of their points earned too! Every action has a point incentive that adds up each week. Students who earn the most points qualify for the weekly game that has fantastic prizes. 

Yes, the new system is gamified! This means that students don’t just get the benefits and convenience of online learning, but can now also earn points to win real life rewards! 

The Student Hub’s Marketing Manager Jarrod Jacobs commends the team for the addition of the gamified feature, as a notable step towards bridging the gap between fun and learning and seeing the benefits of combining academic success, with tangible rewards (and a bit of healthy competition) throughout the learning journey. 

“Gamification really sets our offering apart when looking at the added value we are able to offer students. We understand that being a student can be demanding, and we wanted to create an incentive to reward their hard work.  The addition of gamification is that little extra push to ensure that students do their very best in their studies.”

Communication is the key to success

All of the functionalities of the portal are data free, and this includes the tools to contact each other, as well as their lecturers and coaches. The new platform allows students to video call their lecturers at no extra cost. 

The best part is that student support is available 24/7. The convenience of online learning lies in the flexibility. Students can now access academic, technical and administrative support no matter when they log in. 

No more lines

The new platform doesn’t just make things simpler when you’re online – it cuts out the needs for the many other expenses and hassles that surround tertiary education. Students can register directly through the platform, and finalise any admin, applications and payments through the portal too. 

No travelling or long lines, and no inconvenient administrative errors. Even more, orientation and onboarding happen on the platform, in their own time. The design and functionalities were integrated with the user at the forefront. 

For more information on The Student Hub’s learning platform, see contact details below:

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Updated Linkedin banner options-02 (1)

The Student Hub introduces a new learning experience.

The Student Hub’s innovative, zero-rated learning platform, ERAOnline, has just gotten a much-anticipated makeover, and the response from users has been overwhelmingly positive – with

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